Does My Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars

 Car and Insurance – Does My Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Does my car insurance cover rental cars? Let us find out then. You really need to prepare first before standing on a line of rental car counter.

If you have car insurance, will you need to buy the coverage too?

Most people will ask about this matter a lot, especially when it comes to renting car for traveling in domestic region. And the answer will depend on several factors. If you want to be covered and make sure about it but you do not want to spend money for unnecessary coverage that already present so it could double the rental price.

The first step you need to do is checking the auto insurance policy. If you already have the liability and comprehensive coverage on your personal car then the coverage will be typically extending to the rental car you pick. If the car you pick has similar value to your personal car, the coverage will be more likely adequate for the rental car.

But if you pick a Bentley to spend your weekend and you have a Ford Fiesta at home then you better to accept the offer from the rental company to pay the extra coverage.

Checking on the credit card company will be a good idea. If there is gap in the coverage with auto policy for your personal vehicle then the credit company could offer the secondary coverage for you.

Protection you might need

Collision or Loss Damage Waiver is unlike the insurance product but more likely the waiver that will transfer the responsibility of financing to the rental car company from you. This is useful in case there is damage on the car or even theft.

Personal Effects Coverage is a good idea as well. It is like if you rent a condo, your personal belongings will be generally covered even if those are stolen from the car you rent. It is important to review the policy documents at the first place before you decline or allow the coverage.

It is important to know everything before you go especially when it comes to rental and insurance terms. Most companies of rental will have a short and predictable offering suite to the user. You need to review your auto insurance policy to make sure that you are safe and covered properly before you go with a rental car. So after all of our explanations above, does my car insurance cover rental cars?

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