Bank Of America Credit Card Rental Car Insurance

 Bank of America Credit Card Rental Car Insurance – Which Credit Cards have You Covered?

Bank of America credit card rental car insurance is literally a very long phrase in a word. But when it comes to rental car, many people would ask “do I really need an insurance policy for rental car?”

Most rental agencies will offer the damage waiver for about 15 USD up to 25 USD per day. They claim that it would peace your mind while you are on your holiday. But apparently, the waivers are typically nothing better than the presence coverage you already possessed with your lovely credit card.

It basically depends on where you rent the car. The liability of the rental company for the property damage and injury may be between 25,000 USD and 50,000 USD. This thing still leaves the huge charge for you to pay, but your credit card is sort of going to step in. Some types of credit card like American Express, MasterCard, and Visa will offer the rental insurance. But there are the terms and condition you need to review.

Here we will explain the offers from credit card related to car insurance.


Many people agree that Visa is excellent when it comes to the benefits of rental car insurance. Well, this is widely available. Other than that, the offer for rental car insurance is applied for all types of its card. Still, there will be the limit for the rental car coverage period. It only covers for 15 days consecutive days for domestic traveling and 31 consecutive days if you are traveling abroad.


The benefits from this provides are similar with the Visa does. Unfortunately, the rental car insurance is not available for all card type. The limit of coverage periods is also a bit tight like 15 consecutive days or even less than 15 days. based on the customer service, the rental car insurance feature is only available on certain cards like Platinum, Gold, World, and also the World Elite type of card.

American Express

This network is the one that offer the smallest amount of premium coverage. The secondary coverage will be as much as 50,000 USD. If you are the Platinum Card or the Delta Reserve Credit Card holder then you can get as much as 75,000 USD. You can get higher limit and also extra protection in case any property damage or injury as long as you choose it. So, this is the list for bank of America credit card rental car insurance.

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